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Traci   "I know my results will be permanent. I am Lean for Life!"

At 488 pounds, Traci felt like she was dying, day by day. Today, 317 pounds lighter through Lindora, Traci is fit, active, and more "alive" than ever. A role model and inspiration for thousands of people, Traci''s story has been featured in such national publications as People magazine, Women''s World, First for Women, and various local press. She has also appeared on local and national television.

What was your worst weight-related experience as an
overweight person?

Every day was a struggle and there was always a rude comment or sound being made toward me, but one experience stands out in my mind. I was invited and given tickets to a concert at the Staples Center. Our seats were at the top section, so climbing all the stairs and then trying to "squeeze" myself into the seat was nearly impossible. Not only was I hitting the person next to me, I was also hitting the person in front of me with my legs. I knew I couldn't sit like that for the entire 2 hour concert, so we had to ask the attendant if we could sit in the chairs reserved for handicap if they were still unoccupied when the concert began. Explaining that I was too fat to sit in our purchased seats was probably one of the most humiliating times of my life.

How many other weight programs had you tried before Lindora?
5 "programs" — Be Thin Diet Pills, Dexatrim, Slim Fast, Nutri System, and Jenny Craig...I also tried MANY times to diet on my own.

How was the Lean for Life® program different from the other programs you've tried?
The Lean for Life program teaches you how to eat healthy, and to lose weight (or maintain your weight loss) while enjoying what you're eating.

How did you learn about the Lindora program?
I saw a commercial.

Why do you think you succeeded on the Lean for Life program?
I was ready to make a permanent change in the way I ate and looked at food. Also, weighing in every day at the clinic and seeing my results kept me motivated.

What tips would you give someone who is just beginning the Lean for Life program?
Stay focused, stay positive, ask your nurse questions, and READ YOUR LEAN FOR LIFE BOOK!

Do you have a favorite Lindora tool or resource?
The Lean for Life book—each time I read it it's like I'm learning it for the first time again. Not only does it answer so many questions you have during weight loss, but it also inspires and motivates you.

Tell us about the best reaction or feedback you've gotten from someone who saw you after you lost weight.
One of the greatest reactions I've gotten was from my ex brother and sister-in-laws. They kept telling me how amazing I looked, and then kept saying how stupid my ex was and how crazy he'd be about me now. I told them to tell him to "eat his heart out!"

What three words would you use to describe yourself at your heaviest weight?
Miserable, depressed, ashamed. I basically felt dead.

What three words would you use to describe yourself now?
Confident, proud, ALIVE!

What can you wear today that you could not or would not have worn at your heaviest weight?
A bikini top and shorts at the beach!

What's the greatest compliment you've received about your weight loss success, and who said it?
The greatest compliments I've received have been from people (patients) I've met at Lindora, who tell me that I'm their role model and that they have my picture from magazines up on their refrigerator to motivate them. That is a HUGE motivation for me as well! Plus, it always feels good to hear my father say he's proud of his "little" girl!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell about your Lindora experience?
My experience with Lindora has been life-changing in so many ways! I feel great about how I look, I feel extremely healthy, but most of all, I feel very blessed to have found Lindora. I know my results will be permanent. I am Lean for Life!

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