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Who is Lindora?

Lindora is a medically-based weight control program. We have been providing non-surgical weight management treatment in our medically supervised clinics for over 35 years, with over 5,000,000 patient visits. Lindora's Lean for Life® program is nationally recognized for providing safe and effective weight control treatment with successful long-term results.

A Description of the Lean for Life Program

Lindora's Lean for Life program consists of behavior modification; treatment and counseling with physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses; and-if needed and when appropriate-anorectic (appetite suppressing) medication. We have a low fat, moderate carbohydrate and moderate protein diet of "every day" low calorie foods, and vitamin injections to help prevent any diet inducted fatigue.

Lindora's unique two-phase program was designed to not only assist patients in losing their excess weight, but to also help them maintain their new lean weight.

How Can An Injured Worker Benefit From the Lindora Program?

Lindora's Workers' Compensation program can help injured workers achieve the weight loss goal prescribed by their treating workers' compensation physician.

  • Through Lindora's program, injured workers can reach the goal weight suggested by their treating physician.
  • In some cases, reaching the suggested goal weight is not only beneficial to the patient's recovery, but can also improve their condition prior to surgery, making them a better candidate for surgery.
  • Attaining a lean body weight can help improve or alleviate the symptoms of the work related injury (the primary issue), while also effectively treating obesity (the secondary issue).

Key Benefits

  1. Improved health-often lowering the risk for obesity-related health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and metabolic syndrome.
  2. Guides patients step by step through a transition into a healthier lifestyle. This can better their health as it relates to the injury, its complications, recovery, and the patient's emotional outlook.
  3. Patients learn how to become-and stay-Lean for Life. The principles of the program teach them to adopt a lifestyle of eating better, moving more, and managing their stress in a more healthy way.
  4. Patients can return to gainful employment.

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